The 1 star review – What to do – Reputation management series

The 1 star review on Google, Facebook, Yelp... it happens to every business at some point. These are the actions you'll take when you get a 1 star review:

  1. "Plead you case" with the reviewer offline. If you know who the reviewer is and have a way to contact the person it's worth it to communicate with them to up the stars or remove it entirely.

  2. If pleading your case doesn't work and it's a real and verified review you should reply publicly as the business owner. You won't want to just ignore it, especially if it contains damaging words that might sway others.

  3. If it seems completely suspicious and rogue you can flag it/report it to the platform and cross your fingers. Although it's rare, the gods of fake reviews do remove garbage reviews from time to time.

  4. The thing you'll want to strive for is to get so many GOOD reviews that the 1 star review looks obvious as a fake, a competitor or just a total moron having a bad day.

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