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Live or edited. Scripted or captured on-the-fly. All-in or One-off. Video for social media and digital advertising is what you need to be creating and marketing for your business.

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Content Entrepreneur? Have your thoughts and expertise showcased in video format on your favorite platform and your website. These videos provide visitors with an easy way to validate your expertise as well as provide the perfect accompaniment for landing pages.

Pro tip: Shorts, Reels, TikToks can be clipped from Pillar Content.

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Short Vertical Videos
Shorts, Reels, Stories, TikToks. Vertical videos for what ever your platform of choice is, are here to stay. Active Recovery - Yoga - Stretching - Post Heavy Workout #Squat #Yoga #Recovery #HealthCoach #Lift #Fitness ♬ original sound - Here's a tip to build or maintain muscle mass: Epic drop-set until muscle failure. When you are done with this, you will feel savage! Flat dumbbells for chest, triceps, shoulders: 100lb dumbbells for 5 clean 50lb dumbbells for max reps. Clean, dirty and pulsing. I did 15 or so. 25lb dumbbells for max reps. Close-grip clean and pulsing. The starting weight should be a weight you can get 4-7x totally clean and unassisted. I simply did 1/2 the weight I started with x 3. Follow the instructions on the video! This can be applied to almost any lift or muscle group. Note: Don't do this "cold". This should be your last set of chest, not your first. Go into it already having worked up to your heaviest set. Not interested in weights? See my 2 minute bodyweight microworkout on TikTok: Michael Baker Wellness Health Coach | Yoga | Personal Training Orange, CT Coming Fall 22 Preview now: #Lift #Run #Hike #Yoga #Wellness #WFH #WorkFromHome #DontWeaken #Muscle #MuscleRetention #DigitalMarketing #Content ♬ Dubstep Drops ( Hard Dubstep Action Modern) - JadSound Microworkout you can do anywhere. In this video I demo how to use a blend of Yoga and bodyweight strength training to deliver a short intense energy boost. Tip: If the low planks are too much, lower your knees when hovering. Just make sure to keep a bit of tension on the chest. "Look for opportunities over the course of every day to put your body under some kind of brief resistance load. Even if you only work hard for one minute (or less) at a time but are relatively faithful about incorporating these “micro” opportunities into your daily routine, the cumulative effect will still be incredible." -Mark Sisson Michael Baker Wellness Private Yoga | Health Coach | Personal Training coming Fall22 More here: #training #wellness #health #mentalhealth #yoga #healthocach #personaltrainer #over40 #almost50 ♬ original sound - re: Getting a walk in daily It's possible to get the steps in right in the middle of a workday, while at a computer or a standing desk. Use an under desk treadmill. It's just for walking. It's not for running. But if your concern is to to be able to get work done and not have to pack up and go outside and do walk, you can walk here on one mile an hour while you do light work. tip: If you do 30 minutes on this every day, you will do 60,000 extra steps every month. 30 MIN 1MPH 2000 STEPS X 30 60000 STEPS PER MONTH But if I am doing an online course or just simply taking a break, I will crank it up to 3-3.5mph and really get those steps in. 1mph is if you actually want to work on a computer at the same time as walking. Treadmill on Amazon: Standing Desk for Laptop: #Walk #WFH #WorkFromHome #Optimize #Wellness #MentalHealth #Digitalpro ♬ original sound -
Video for luxury brands

Get premium quality aerial photos & video captured by local vetted and experienced professional videographers.

We arranged this project based on client needs and budget.

The finished product showcases impressive apartments and prime location in Downtown New Haven, CT for our 10+ year client Metro Star Properties.

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We'll do it live!

Launch a live web show with professional guidance. Producer booth design and architecture, set design, motion graphics and monetizing the content.

We can help create, launch and scale your Facebook or Youtube Live Show. We can also simply offer up some good advice and leads to highly skilled & vetted vendors.

Comedian Nick Di PaoloLearn More

From GoPro to Phone to Drone. You simply provide the assets and we'll create something cool from your raw footage, photos and assets. Engage the outside world with what it looks like & sounds like to be part of your business or just make something worth watching for Youtube, Facebook & Linkedin and beyond.

The Full Experience

Deliver the feeling of being part of your business to travelers or those who just can't make it in! Full length classes shot from the perspective of a customer.
Short Promotional Videos!

Running a local onmichannel campaign? Let's create video that run as pre-roll Youtube ads targeting the exact local area of coverage you desire and your existing customers. While we're at it, take it to Facebook and LinkedIn!

Mike Richetelli
Mike Richetelli
Hey there -I wanted to send you a note and let you know that you've inspired me. I listened to your utube videos a few days ago while I was working. You have some really awesome information. And I like how I feel like I know you now. Even though we've only briefly.The inspiring part is, that I'd like to start doing the same in my industry. Just sharing and showing things in my world in the hopes people will "get to know me."So, thanks for info and thanks for the inspiration.
Hidi Fankhauser
Hidi Fankhauser
I started working with Baker Digital a couple of months ago as I was planning a transition from Magento to Shopify for three web properties. Mike and his team have been prompt, efficient and reliable and seem to really understand the pitfalls as well as opportunities in the migration process. We launched one of the stores ( and I felt a lot better knowing Baker Digital had my back. I look forward to working with them on my other projects as well as in the future.
Jeff Tomei
Jeff Tomei
Mike was a pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend Michael Baker Digital for anyone's web / digital media needs. We used Mike to clean up and modernize our business website. He quickly identified what needed to be done, put together a comprehensive plan and seamlessly delivered a high quality product without impacting our business. He is honest, efficient and highly skilled at his craft!
Dedra Leapley
Dedra Leapley
We are a small business and have had great help from Michael Baker getting our business out there. Highly recommended !! He knows his stuff and has great advise. Whether you are small company or a big company he can help with any task.
Christine Turiano
Christine Turiano
I have worked with Mike many times over the years and have always appreciated the insight and expertise that he provides when it comes to website development and online exposure. Finding someone that is receptive to your thoughts and questions and is able to work hand in hand with your vision is extremely important for any business and Mike not only does all of that, but also provides great vision and ideas as well, which is probably even more important! Thank you for all of your help.
Thomas Turiano
Thomas Turiano
Erica Baker
Erica Baker
I had several website issues that needed to be resolved quickly and I didn't know who could fix them. Thankfully I found Mike Baker Digital and the site was back up and running quickly. Not only was the website fixed, he freshened up some pages and gave them a new look. I'm now getting a better conversion rate on form submissions. What an amazing job, very quick and professional, I highly recommend Mike Baker Digital for anything your business needs online.
Marty Nemec
Marty Nemec
Mike's an expert but he can also translate his knowledge into language the non-tech-savvy client understands.
Peter Abrahams
Peter Abrahams
Did a great job of getting my salon website online
Luanne Mezzo
Luanne Mezzo
Mike was able to fix an issue I had with my Google My Business page disappearing. He had me back up and running with all of my reviews intact in under 48 hours. Michael Baker Digital got my business online a couple of years ago and I look forward to using them to grow my online presence going forward.
Daren Micalizzi
Daren Micalizzi
Very easy doing business with Michael Baker Design for the creation of a website for my new business...I fed him the broad strokes and he ran with it. Great experience, I would highly recommend him
Joel Yencho
Joel Yencho
Mike’s tutorial videos have helped me be able to better edit and post videos related to my smallbusiness, in turn bringing me new business and growing my customer base. This guy is responsive and easy to understand, if your trying to grow your business via digital marketing, do yourself a favor and get yourself in touch with Mike.
Celebrating 10 years with Michael Baker as our Website and Digital marketing consultant has been nothing but amazing. Michael has taken the Metro Star name and brought us to great heights. His work is precise, his outcomes are effective and his attention to detail outstanding. Mike is always available when we need him. He goes above and beyond to make sure our request for his service are met with efficiency, quality and professionalism.
Metro Star Apartments
Metro Star Apartments
As a small business owner myself. Michael Baker is more than accommodating, and helpful throughout the process of building a professional website and all that comes with it for his customers.
Alexander Hatzikostas
Alexander Hatzikostas
Excellent work and responsive to all our needs. Mike is a great resource and a super-nice guy.
John Crocco
John Crocco
I have had the pleasure of working with Mike for a number of years. He is innovative and a problem solver. Thats important because as the digital landscape evolves, you need to have someone on your side who will work hard to bring your message forward despite the changes. I consider him my invaluable business partner, and an important factor in my firms continued success.
Alan Barry Photography
Alan Barry Photography


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