Creating Perfect Stock Photography FAST with Midjourney: AI for Digital Marketing Live Tutorial

In this video, I explore the practical application of AI in image generation, an effective alternative to traditional stock photography. The live tutorial uses the Midjourney AI tool to create an image of a beautiful New England home for an email marketing campaign, demonstrating the speed and uniqueness of AI-generated images.

Navigating through these AI-produced visuals, we notice some weirdness, yet the AI’s ability to generate unique, copyright-free images stands out as a significant advantage. Despite a few quirks, these images provide a unique touch, each prompt producing slightly different yet cool results.

Within 6 minutes, the required images for the campaign are good to go, highlighting the practicality of AI in everyday digital marketing tasks. Stay tuned for more insights on AI applications in digital marketing.

This is my final Midjourney prompt:
beautiful New England home with simple deep brown mulched flower beds, stone walkway, 1 American flag in view on house, green manicured grass –ar 16:9 –s 750 –q 2 –v 5.1

Key Moments:
00:00:00 – Introduction: Discussing the use of AI for generating stock images and the challenges with traditional stock photography.
00:00:38 – Reason for choosing AI over traditional stock photos: Sharing personal experiences and explaining why AI could be a better option.
00:01:01 – Starting the image generation process: Discussing the image requirements for an email campaign.
– Exploring AI-generated images: Reviewing and appraising the generated images.
00:02:39 – Pointing out oddities in AI-generated images: Observing peculiar elements in the images generated.
00:04:41 – Looking at other AI-generated content: Scrolling through Midjourney and viewing other people’s creations.
00:05:15 – Benefits of using AI for stock images: Explaining the freedom and lack of copyright restrictions in using AI-generated images.
00:06:11 – Continuing image appraisal and variation creation: Commenting on additional images and making more variations.
00:07:46 – Comparing AI to traditional stock image sourcing: Discussing the time savings using AI over traditional methods.
00:08:43 – Other uses of AI platforms for images: Highlighting potential uses of different AI platforms for various image creation tasks.
00:09:39 – Concluding thoughts: Wrapping up the process and highlighting the practical use of AI in digital marketing.