6 Month Recommended WordPress Security & Maintenance

$250.00 every 6 months

If a site becomes dated it becomes vulnerable to malicious attacks. Let’s prevent that!



Upgrade & Maintain Your WordPress Website

Ensure your WordPress website’s security and stability with our recurring Upgrade & Maintenance Service. Every 6 months, we’ll perform the following steps:

  1. Backup & Staging: Safely backup your website and create a staging environment.
  2. WordPress Upgrade: Update to the latest stable version of WordPress.
  3. Thorough Testing: Verify compatibility and resolve issues.
  4. Plugin Updates: Update all plugins for enhanced security and performance.
  5. Theme Update: Apply the latest theme version for new features and security fixes.
  6. Live Site Deployment: Implement updates and upgrades seamlessly.
  7. Final Testing & Security Check: Ensure website stability and security.

Regularly updating your website prevents hacks and breaches. Watch our video on the importance of updates. Consider our maintenance retainer for ongoing peace of mind.