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Working with Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, digital ad platforms, social media, WordPress, Shopify, and AI tools for copy, image, and video creation since version 1!


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I offer fractional, on-demand advisory services to help you optimize your content strategy. With expertise in local SEO, YouTube, social media, and video ads, I provide the guidance you need to enhance visibility and revenue. Whether it's consulting, training, or developing key strategies, I'm here to support your business goals efficiently.

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My Passion Project: GetUpEarlier.com

With years of experience and hundreds of social media videos created for myself and clients, earning millions of views, I offer expert advisory services to help businesses develop and execute a robust content strategy. My approach focuses on optimizing local SEO, leveraging YouTube for local search dominance, creating impactful video ads, and monetizing content through ads or sponsorships, or most often using videos to generate more credibility, which in turn generates more revenue. I provide tailored strategies for various social media platforms and assist businesses in establishing themselves as industry thought leaders.

My YouTube channel was entirely created, edited, and all motion graphics were designed by me personally. I utilized AI to generate accurate descriptions, key moments, and timecodes, and hand-built the WordPress website where the videos are housed. My website, GetUpEarlier.com (est. 2023), serves as a showcase of my passion for strength training and a live demo of my content creation capabilities. Developed in my head during my runs and hikes, mostly detached from digital devices, this project demonstrates how to create and monetize a passion from scratch.

I am proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, digital ad platforms, social media, WordPress, Shopify, and AI tools for copy, image, and video creation. I offer comprehensive advisory and consulting services, teaching and training your staff on using these tools or guiding you in hiring the right professionals. Utilizing AI tools, I enhance SEO results with effective descriptions, titles, and tags. My expertise in content creation and SEO practices helps businesses achieve greater visibility, engagement, and monetization.

Ready to elevate your content strategy and utilize your services, skills, expertise, and passion for greater visibility and revenue? Reach out to me today to get started.

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