Web Presence Review + 1 Hour Personal Consultation

How Do I Begin?
To book a custom web presence review + 1 hour consultation please fill out the fields and make a secure payment below.

Before we talk again, I'll thoroughly review your considerations from our initial free call (website, social media, Google presence, digital ads etc.).  I’ll start the consultation by asking any follow-up questions we had from the information you submitted, follow with my review and advice and then dive into your questions.

Many of my consulting clients don’t have any specific problems they are dealing with, but just really want an expert’s look at their website or related properties to give feedback on the content, the monetization, design, and all other aspects of their web presence.  This is perfectly fine.  If you just want an in-depth website review, or have a few questions a private consultation is the perfect way to get that done.

What Happens After I Purchase?
I will get in touch via the email address provided to obtain any additional credentials I may need to access your website, ad account, social media etc. account I am to review. If this does not apply I will get right to work. We will then schedule a call at a mutually convenient time to go over my review. Since each scenario is 100% unique I need 5 business days to complete my review.

What Happens After The Review & Consultation?
You can hire me for ongoing consulting on-demand, custom hands-on implementation or both where applicable. It's my pleasure to help you move forward in any capacity!