re: Joe Rogan – Are they listening to us? Know your sneaky digital ad types

Are our phones listening and targeting us with ads? They aren't listening but they're watching... everything.

In this video learn about:

  1. Remarketing / Retargeting - when you leave the ads follow you
  2. Social Interactions in Newsfeed - when you like something you get ads
  3. Geo-fencing - when you're in a store and get an ad on your phone from that store
  4. Live Chat Bots - real time conversations lead to sales

Combine digital ad types, find your perfect recipe.

Here's a great example used to sell cars:

Interests, Search Term and Keyword PPC, Household IP Targeting, GeoFencing, Social News Feed lead generation, Pre-roll Youtube ads, Behavioral Targeting, Video Targeting, Native Ads.

Let's sell some stuff!


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