Parents ask is “Snapchat” bad for kids, this is my answer

I have seen parents publicly ask if Snapchat is bad for kids. I put Snapchat in quotes because it can represent any social media app parents question regularly.

The honest and real answer to the question is that any app is secondary to OPEN ACCESS to the Internet. So in my opinion that makes Google the most potentially dangerous thing your kid will be able to access.Think about this before you give your kid a phone.

Google gives your kid the ability to ask any question. The answers are going to be the thing you will want to be concerned with more than anything else. Think about how many times you began research for something and turned up results that were absolute garbage. Now consider what question your 9 year old may ask.

Research parental controls for Google, Youtube, Bing etc. and keep a close eye on their activity. You don't want some sketchy blog giving your kid an answer to a very importnant life question!

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