Live Training: Manual Migration – WordPress to WPEngine

This is a guide for anyone who has received WordPress files that should include all default WordPress files, plugins, themes, and uploads. It has become increasingly common for a site to be delivered from a previous vendor or to be detached from a white-label multisite environment.

In this guide, I will cover how to set up an environment at WPEngine, how and what to upload via FTP, how to populate your database in PHPMYADMIN, and how to troubleshoot possible issues with the PHP version on the server.

Intro: 00:01
Set up a new site in the WPEngine control panel: 00:57
Set up a new SFTP user in the WPEngine control panel: 02:02
Set up a new site in FileZilla: 03:07
What to upload from your files: 04:08
How to upload/populate your old database: 07:10
How to adjust home and siteurl in PHPMYADMIN: 10:41
Troubleshooting the “There has been a critical error on this website” message: 14:01
How to rollback PHP version in the WPEngine control panel: 15:56

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Michael Baker
Owner, Lead Project Manager
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