Live Training: Create Custom Post Template in Cornerstone 6 / Pro Theme – Hands-on Demo

Hey there! In this tutorial, I show you how to create custom post templates to give a client’s website a nice and consistent look using the Pro theme in Cornerstone 6. I guide you through setting up conditions for templates so they’re applied just where they’re needed – to certain post types or pages. With these customizations, I’ve managed to modernize the client’s site while keeping everything looking cohesive across various pages and content.

Check out my process and pick up some handy tips to level up your own web design game!

Michael Baker
Owner, Lead Project Manager
Michael Baker Digital

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Key Moments:

00:00:01 – Introduction to Cornerstone and website redesign
– Jumping into Cornerstone, homepage redesign
00:01:28 – Closing single layout, starting from scratch
00:02:22 – Creating single layout using template
– Assigning layout to singular pages/posts
– Adjusting title, grid, gap in layout
– Adjusting font sizes for devices
– Reducing padding in section
– Changing background color for contrast
00:10:36 – Adding sidebar to content
– Adjusting column widths, saving as global template
– Expanding content area for better look
00:16:13 – Customizing consumer section display
00:17:02 – Headline element above posts, renaming to “Recent Posts”
00:18:08 – Adjusting headline’s margin, bold, resizing
– Changing column’s background color to light gray
– Adding padding to column, adjusting for mobile
00:21:09 – Working on global post templates
00:22:32 – Applying post templates globally, modifying for consistency
– Creating separate post template for pages
00:25:01 – Adjusting conditions for post template
00:25:54 – Conclusion, summarizing global post templates in Pro theme using Cornerstone 6

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