Live Hands-on Demo: Using ChatGPT to create a simple WordPress Calculator Plugin with Success

I conducted an experiment and filmed myself working for the first time on creating a WordPress plugin from scratch by prompting ChatGPT. I had a very simple, specific task in mind and I was able to lay a great foundation.

You can see it in action here:…

I have never written a plugin before, I have only used them.
I have never tried to have ChatGPT create functionality

So it was a cool experiment!

Intro, AI for Solopreneurs : 00:01
The simple plugin concept: 01:23
ChatGPT etiquette? : 02:02
Is it better than hiring a freelancer on Fiverr: 03:20
Entering prompts: 04:16
Getting into code, trial and error: 08:46
Almost there, first output on the screen (but it’s wrong): 19:10
It’s ALIVE: 23:06
Are you kidding me?! My final thoughts on the ChatGPT experiment and the future: 24:46

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Today, I want to show you how ChatGPT can be used for more than just answering questions. To me, AI is like having a team of really smart employees who are always on and available. This new way of doing things is allowing me to bring many of my digital ideas to life, which I struggled with before due to a lack of resources or difficulty explaining what I wanted to do.

As an entrepreneur/solopreneur, I’m used to figuring things out on my own, and I’ve been doing it for over 20 years. ChatGPT has been a game-changer for me. I’ve been able to engage with it for a few months now, and it’s been a love affair since the first time I used it to ask questions.

I’m not the best writer, so I’ve been using ChatGPT to help me rewrite my content. (like this piece for insance) Today, I’m putting it to the test by creating a WordPress plugin with its help.

Instead of hiring someone on Fiverr or another freelance site, I’m using ChatGPT to help me create a plugin that allows users to input how many beers or wine bottles they drink per week and calculates the number of calories and weight gain.

It’s a specific task, and ChatGPT is providing me with the necessary code to create this plugin. I’m amazed by how it’s all coming together. I know I need to keep an eye on it, but this experiment has shown me that AI can extend my own expertise, and I’m excited to continue using it to refine my plugin and work on other creative projects.