The Landing Page: What They Are and How They Work

In this video I explain what a landing page is and how it's different from other pages of your website. If you are advertising you'll want to use this video as a guide to get going.
✔️ Digital Ads
If you are looking to run digital ads you'll want to send people to a landing page over just sending them to your website homepage. Landing pages are designed specifically to convert traffic into leads.
✔️ Contact Form
You'll want to include a short and easy to use form in your landing page. Sometimes your form can be attached directly to a CRM like Hubspot or an email list service like Mailchimp.
✔️ Video:
I think the best way to go about standing out these days is by incorporating video into the landing page to provide more personality and validity.
✔️ Remarketing
Incorporating some type of remarketing tactic via Google Ads or Facebook Ads is a common landing page tactic. Make sure your cookie and pixel codes are installed correctly.
✔️ In Your Website

Some people will say to not include navigation on a landing page because it can be a distraction but I think the navigation and the rest of the header/footer should be present so people don't feel like they've landing at a rogue scam site.

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