First Look: The New Bing with ChatGPT vs Google Bard – The Battle for AI Dominance – Google Killer

In this video, I share my first glance and experience using the new Bing with ChatGPT technology and Google Bard, along with their potential impact on digital marketing and SEO. The direct integration of chat with search results in Bing is quite impressive, and I think it could be a “Google killer.” As I tried Bing’s chat feature, I was pleasantly surprised with the better in-line results compared to Google Bard, which is still in its experimental phase.

Going forward, I believe that Bing should be considered a serious option for digital marketing and local search results, as it has the potential to disrupt the industry. Google is currently the go-to search engine for many, but with more people getting used to chat-based interactions, it’s essential for Google to catch up. As of now, Microsoft seems to be ahead in the game, which makes it a good time for businesses to consider Bing as part of their digital marketing strategy.

Key Moments:

00:00:01 – Introduction to the new Bing with ChatGPT technology
00:00:42 – First impressions and Bing’s direct integration with search
00:01:22 – Bing as the potential “Google killer”
00:02:47 – Comparing Bing ChatGPT results to Google Bard results
– Trying Google Bard for the first time
– Highlighting differences between Bing and Google Bard results
– Bing ChatGPT’s purpose and its impact on digital marketing
– Reevaluating the importance of Bing in digital marketing strategy
– Considering Bing as a serious competitor to Google
– The future of websites and digital marketing with chat technology

Michael Baker
Digital Marketing Pro
Orange, CT

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